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Paul effectively acted as a stand in CTO for Thirdfort for a c.6 month period in the very early stages of the business. He was an integral part of the team, a invaluable guide and a mentor that helped us avoid the many pitfalls that start ups often fall into.

Jack Bidgood - Co-Founder

Design phase

Paul helped guide us through the early stage of designing the Thirdfort technology stack, including building user journeys and making decisions on functionality. His help in this design phase helped us define exactly what our ideal first product looks like and what made sense from a broader business and marketing angle. He was particularly experienced at challenging us to focus on the concept of an ‘MVP’ and that resulted in us building an incredibly efficient and totally appropriate Alpha product that was perfect for the job. During this design phase Paul also advised us on the overall most appropriate architecture, approach to security and choice of coding language. This advice was incredibly useful to feed back into our broader business plan and he even helped create and review the key technical and security documents required for us to obtain our FCA licence.

Build phase

After designing the initial product Paul was then able to seamlessly shift into build mode and deliver a fully functioning Alpha product within a very short timeframe. During this phase he was particularly good at making sure his progress was tracked and any problems were communicated to us promptly. He has a strong ability to manage expectations effectively and he kept us closely involved throughout, despite not us not having technical backgrounds. He effectively managed the small team of junior developers that helped support during the build, however Paul delivered the most complex elements as well as the bulk of the heavy lifting himself.

Hiring CTO and handing over

Paul then was incredibly helpful when it came to hiring a full time CTO for Thirdfort. He helped us create the spec for the role and put together an optimal interview process. He then performed technical interviews on several candidates and helped us select the best one. The modern and flexible tech stack that Paul had built was also a key selling point for us when it came to this hiring process. Paul then efficiently handed over the code to our new CTO who was able to pick it up with ease given it was well documented and built with diligence and best practice in mind.