Paul Nebel - MEng PhD MBCS

You know business. Specifically, you know your business. Do you also know technology? Are you well-versed on all of the latest trends? Can you manage your business and manage the technology that drives your business?

A Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, bridges the gap between your vision and technical execution. They use their technical and business knowledge to help founders and startups minimize IT-related risks, set up a development strategy and develop practical solutions to grow their business.

A CTO is not just a technology leader but a strategic partner in the growth and success of the business. This role is crucial in ensuring that technology not only supports but also enhances your business objectives, providing a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.

A CTO can be a very expensive hire. The role can be out of reach of many companies. Can you afford to have a CTO? A better question is can you afford not to have a CTO?

A Fractional CTO is technical leadership on-demand. They enable companies to harness the skills and experience of a full-time CTO but at a more manageable cost. With an on-demand CTO you are paying only for the technical leadership effort you need.

As a Fractional CTO specializing in innovation and startups, I bring a unique blend of expertise and agility to your entrepreneurial journey.

I work on an hourly, daily or fixed monthly basis. I like to talk to you and find out your needs and then recommend a direction makes the most sense.

I provide guidance along the whole development process starting from strategy all the way to delivery and maintenance. I work with you based on your specific milestones and where you are in your project timeline.

Sounds interesting? Then get in touch and let’s see what we can do together!