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RWN Group (now Sales Growth Team) are specialists in empowering businesses to successfully transform from being product-centric to As-a-Service. Born out of a successful transformation to As-a-Service at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise RWN Group uses their proprietary tool, WINr, to guide sales teams and customers through the sales journey with a sales playbook, sales assets, business value calculator and proposal tool to compliment their sales enablement program.

Engagement (July - October 2021)

RWN approached Paul with a desire to turn their WINr, their proprietary tool, into a product. Being sales experts rather than technology experts they were unsure of the process for creating a product.

Paul took them through a series of workshops including Empathy Maps and Value Propositions in order to identify the problem to be solved, together with potential solutions.

At this point it became clear that the initial vision for WINr held by RWN was unviable due to the existence of a mature competitor who had recently received a large investment following a buy-out. Despite this apparent setback Paul identified a potential niche product that wasn’t addressed by the competition.

Paul developed a prototype of this potential product and created a roadmap based on Objectives and Key Results. This enabled RWN to understand the level of commitment and investment required to develop such a product.

Following a period of consideration RWN decided that product development was not a desirable option, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

“Paul used a strong methodology and process that really allowed us to question our value proposition, assumptions we had made and our positioning in the face of competition. This allowed us to come to some valuable business decisions and conclusions faster and with more confidence and clarity than we would have otherwise been able to do.”

Chris White - Managing Partner, RWN Group