Personal testimonials from some of the start-ups for which I’ve acted as Fractional CTO

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“Paul used a strong methodology and process that really allowed us to question our value proposition, assumptions we had made and our positioning in the face of competition. This allowed us to come to some valuable business decisions and conclusions faster and with more confidence and clarity than we would have otherwise been able to do.”

Chris White - Managing Partner

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“Paul effectively acted as a stand in CTO for Thirdfort for a c.6 month period in the very early stages of the business. He was an integral part of the team, a invaluable guide and a mentor that helped us avoid the many pitfalls that start ups often fall into.”

Jack Bidgood - Co-Founder

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“From the earliest stages of the rigorous selection process for us to join the Geovation programme through to appointment of our CTO, Paul has been brilliant. He has helped us live the lean startup approach, guiding us from concept to minimum viable product to a software product now being used by hundreds of people. Despite the multiple demands on his time he’s remained clear, thoughtful, patient and whenever necessary, suitably challenging. We cannot recommend Paul highly enough.”

Scott Cain - Founder & CEO

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“I’ve worked with Paul on a unusual and challenging project at the intersection of climate science, business, art and technology. Throughout, Paul has been an invaluable member of the team. He has calmly guided us through the design and delivery of our first product and has helped us in refining our business proposition and go-to-market strategy. Amongst his many skills, I’ve been particularly impressed by his ability to interpret some of our more abstract and wooly ideas and feedback and turn them into concrete actions!”

Simon Woods - Co-Founder