It’s a wrap!

10 minute read

Can you calculate your annual profit using just internet searches?

Investigating Docker Swarm

14 minute read

Take a Node.js application designed to exercise Docker Swarm and run it in a multi-host Docker environment.

Javascript Garbage Collection

8 minute read

A brief introduction to JavaScript garbage collection. All you need to know to have a better understanding of what’s happening under the covers.

Docker Swarm: 10 Stupid Questions

8 minute read

Most articles about Docker Swarm assume you already know what it is and what it’s for. This is for those of you who are interested but unsure.

Using Neo4j with Seneca: Part II

7 minute read

How to use the Neo4j Store plugin I built for the Seneca microservices framework. An example of use with the User plugin.

Using Neo4j with Seneca: Part I

7 minute read

Details of the store plugin I built to enable the Seneca microservices framework to use Neo4j, the graph database, as a persistence engine.

Microservices: Who needs them?

4 minute read

Discover the pros and cons of using Microservices in order to make an informed decision about their use. Be able to argue your case and persuade others.